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On This Episode we will be continuing with Part 2 in the series of podcasts entitled, PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Take Over and Covid”

Gripping Video Documentary Series” PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Takeover”, Covering In Detail The True Globalist Plans To Grab Every Area Of Our Lives And Changing It To A Global Slave Technocracy, Using Covid 19 As The Catalyst To Insure Success.

On This Pulse News Podcast. The Navarro Report “The Immaculate Deception” Of Election Irregularities.


FITTON: Left Plans to Jail Trump BEFORE Election!

Biden Democrats Want to Make Trump a Political Prisoner!

Judge Merchan Sets Date for Hearing over Alleged Gag Order Violation by Donald Trump

Judge May Force Trump to Miss Son Barron’s Graduation Over ‘Hush Money’ Sham Trial

Trump-Hating Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe FINALLY Comes Clean After Years of Lying – Says Carter Page FISA Application to Spy on Trump Was “Wrong” and a “Mistake” (VIDEO)

Terrifying’: FISA Bill Set to Include ‘Vast’ New Surveillance Powers Forcing Businesses to ‘Become NSA Spies’

Biden FBI Caught Abusing Ashli Babbitt AFTER Her Death!

This Week in Censorship 

Texas Stash House Raid Leads to Arrest of 10 Suspected Illegal Immigrants on Child Pornography Charges

Here is US immigration broken down by legal and illegal (source Goldman Sachs). Over 2.5 Million In 2023!

Mainstream News Outlets Publish Open Letter Urging Biden and Trump to Debate

The SHOCKING Truth About Iran’s Attack on Israel

IRAN ATTACK: Here’s What You Need to Know

Video: Bill Cooper Predicted Israel Would Trigger WWIII

FIREWORKS! Trump Blasts Judge Overseeing Stormy Daniels ‘Hush Money’ Lawfare Case on Eve of Trial

Watch: RFK Jr. Breaks Down How BlackRock Controls Political Parties, Big Pharma & Military Industries

Sununu: Trump Convictions Wouldn’t Be Disqualifying, Voters Think Trials Are ‘Reality TV’

New York Times Admits Voters Looking Back ‘More Positively’ on Trump’s Presidency as Biden Fails at Everything

With Strategic Petroleum Reserve at Historic Lows, Biden Cancels Replenishment Order

Congressman Doesn’t Hold Back On FBI Director Christopher Wray. He asserted his distrust of Wray, stating, “I’ll be honest with you, and this pains me to say this, but I don’t trust you.”

EXPOSED: Wisconsin Election Loophole Allows Illegal Aliens to Obtain ID to Vote

Migrants Robbed at Gunpoint While Illegally Crossing Rio Grande Into Texas

Shock Video: Cops Surrounded by Howling Mob While Arresting Violent Illegals at New York ‘Migrant Hotel’

Gang of Squatters Take Over Gordon Ramsay’s £13 Million Pub

Leaked Dossier Shows German Government Conspired To Silence Reiner Fuëllmich

Israel and Iran: What Now? – Israeli Response Is Expected ‘In the Next 48 Hours’ – US Fears To Be Dragged Into MASSIVE Regional War

Watch: Bill Cooper Reveals Israel’s True Purpose is to Usher in World Government

Waste of the Day: D.C. Taxpayers Fund Mother’s Miami Vacation

FITTON: “Our Republic is On The Line!”

UPDATE: Trump Victory Against Weaponized Government!

‘We Are a Nation in Decline. We Could End Up in a World War’: Trump Slams Biden Incompetence At Press Conference

‘They Take Me to Court on BULLSH*T!” – President Trump Calls Out Joe Biden for His ILLEGAL LAWFARE Cases Against Trump for Purposes of Election Interference

Game Over for Election Fraud Deniers! Georgia Board of Elections Confirms Violations in 2020 Election Law

Breaking! Trump Show Trials Awaken Sleeping Giant

FBI Interrogated Trump’s Valet Driver without Trump’s Knowledge – And Turned Ambush Interview Into Perjury Trap: Court Docs

We Can Put Anyone In Jail If We Want To” – CIA Officer

Breaking! New Revelations In FBI/CIA Plan To Destroy Alex Jones Released

The Time Has Arrived: Abolish The CIA

Congressman Doesn’t Hold Back On FBI Director Christopher Wray

FBI Attacked at Congressional Hearing (ACLJ)

NEW: SHOCK FBI Abuse of Ashli Babbitt

TYRANNY: House PASSES Bill to Renew FISA Warrantless Spy Program by 273-147 Vote – Here’s the 126 Republicans Who Voted YES to Snoop on Americans Without Meaningful Limits

When Did Mexicans Ask for Their Country to Become a Flophouse for the Hordes Invading the US?

ICE Deports Fugitive Wanted for Murder in Bahamas

UPDATE: Iran Launches Missile Attack on Israel Following Kamikaze Drone Attack – Centcom Commander Leaves Israel, Joe Biden Returns to Washington – IDF Releases Statement

“We Will Overcome All of Our Enemies!” – BREAKING: Israel Retaliates to Iran Missile Attacks! – Netanyahu Releases Statement – 3 Iran Drones Hit Inside Kermanshah, Iran

How Lincoln’s Assassination Changed American History

Jack Smith Suggests He Will Ignore Supreme Court if it Reverses ‘Obstruction’ Statute

FITTON: How I Triggered Jack Smith and the Liberal Media!

Prosecutors in Trump Cases Being Put Under Microscope in New Documentary

Texas Supreme Court Justice Warns Democrats Will Attempt To Rig 2024 Election

FITTON: “Big victory for PA election integrity and Left doesn’t know what to do!”

Biden Now at Risk of Being Left Off Two State Election Ballots – 26 Electoral College Votes at Stake

BREAKING: Republican Congressmen Call for Official Investigation into FBI/CIA Setup of Alex Jones

Another State Joins Texas, Authorizes State and Local Cops to Soon Begin Arresting Illegal Immigrants

SHOCK VIDEO: Hundreds of Illegal Aliens Flood Penn Station In NYC

WATCH: Nightfall at the Wide Open New Mexico Border

Godfather of AI says ‘Battle robots’ will soon dominate war-making abilities of major nations, posing ‘existential threat’

OpenAI board member says quiet part out loud: ‘Almost all forms of human labor’ will be replaced by artificial intelligence

BREAKING: Undercover Video: CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts: We “Can Put Anyone in Jail.. Set Them Up” – FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones “Took His Money Away”

Watch: Bannon & Alex Jones Discuss Deep State Hit Job & Warrantless Surveillance

National Public Radio Insider Explains How the Organization Went Full-Activist After Trump’s 2016 Election (VIDEO)

‘We Don’t Want Trump to Be in Gov’t’: Undercover Video Exposes Radicalization of Federal Reserve — ‘It’s All Classified’

Part 1: Despots, Spooks, and Goons — Unconstitutional Intelligence Gathering Abuses and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

Breaking: House Blocks FISA Reauthorization Bill

Here are the 42 Questions Judge Merchan will Ask Potential Jurors For Stormy Daniels ‘Hush Money’ Trial

PRESIDENT TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELL Letter From Stormy Daniels…”I am denying this affair because it never happened”

Trump Exposes Letter from Stormy Daniels Admitting Affair ‘Never Happened’

Dr. Phil Destroys DEI Advocate In Under 40 Seconds.“That’s been tried. That didn’t work. That was called Marxism.”

FITTON Reacts: Judge’s Daughter in NY Trump Trial is an Anti-Trump Activist!

FITTON on Fox: This is What I Think Will Happen to Trump in NY Trial…

JUST IN: Trump Sues Far-Left Judge Overseeing Stormy Daniels ‘Hush Payment’ Trial

Report: Donald Trump to Sue Judge Juan Merchan in Gag Order Challenge

Biden Disgraces Easter then Denies Everything?

Growing Anti-Biden ‘Uncommitted’ Movement Threatens President’s Reelection Chances, Reveals Democrats’ Rift with Young Voters

After Funding Jew-Hating Iranian Regime – Biden Administration Allegedly Initiates Color Revolution Against Netanyahu in Middle of Israel’s War Against Hamas Barbarians

No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government – Exclusive Report!

Biden DOJ Already Trying to Rig Ashli Babbitt Lawsuit?

Investigative Report: FBI/CIA Officer Confirms FBI Agents Were In the Crowd on Jan 6, Confesses Agencies Targeted Alex Jones

These Two Disturbing Videos Would Be Unthinkable In The Past!!!

JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon: World Events & Polarizing Politics ‘Creating Risks That Could Eclipse Anything Since World War II’

Nolte: 57% Believe Democrats Use Illegal Immigration to ‘Build Permanent Majority’

WATCH: Border Hawk Breaks Down Latest Immigration News on One America News

Sheriff in Sanctuary State Released Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Minor – After Biden’s Border Patrol Freed Him Into US

Illegal Alien Accused of Spying on Girls in Bathroom at Mississippi Walmart

Illegal Alien Facing Deportation Arrested for Stabbing Haitian Roommates to Death in New York

100 Haitian, Dominican Illegals Apprehended at Sea

Chinese Illegal Alien Bound For U.S. Warns: Chinese Spies Embedded in America

Viral Image: Border Agent Watches Solar Eclipse with Handcuffed Illegals. The image was shared on X by former Congresswoman Mayra Flores, who represented Texas’s 34th congressional district, commenting, “At least they’re in handcuffs.”

Solar Eclipse Live Stream | Solar Eclipse Happening Now | LIVE Solar Eclipse | 2024 Election |

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 17

Tom Fitton: The Biden DOJ Wants to Move the Ashli Babbitt Wrongful Death Lawsuit to DC

American Conservatism Clarifies National Conservatism’s Contribution

Waste of the Day: Report Shows Major Cities In Debt

Joe Biden Balloons ‘Temporary’ Amnesty to Include 1.2M Foreign Nationals

Overdose Death Leads Authorities to Basement Housing 13 Migrants, Mostly Children

WATCH: Groups of Illegals Stroll Into New Mexico

Sheriff in Sanctuary State Released Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Minor – After Biden’s Border Patrol Freed Him Into US

BREAKING NEWS! Massive Exposition in GAZA

Russia Just Moved More Troops To Syria’s Golan Heights!!!

Washington’s NATO Promise to Kiev Is Prelude to ‘Nuclear Apocalypse’ – Musk

The US Is LOSING West Africa & It’s A REAL Problem

Forty Members of Congress Urge Biden to Cease Offensive Arms Supply to Israel – Letter

Immigration, Freedom, and Lawfare In Today’s America: The VDARE Story

Joe Biden’s America: Illegal Aliens Climb Border Wall into New Mexico, Others Try to Enter Through Hole in Border Wall (VIDEO)

El Paso Sector of Border-Illegal from Venezuela Arrested Has Ties to Dangerous “Tren de Aragua Gang”

Illegal Alien Facing Deportation Arrested for Stabbing Haitian Roommates to Death in New York

Switzerland to Hold Immigration Referendum on Restricting Country’s Population to 10 Million Until 2050

Investigation Looking into City’s Decision to Give COVID Cash to Illegal Aliens

Immigration, Freedom, and Lawfare In Today’s America: The VDARE Story

7 Compelling Reasons Why Ivermectin Is a ‘Powerful Drug’ for Fighting Cancer

Judge Forces CDC to Release Hidden COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Report

BREAKING NEWS! Israel Braces for Attack from Iran. Explosion’s in Gaza. EAM’ watch.
KLW World News “The Big One”

Flightradar 24 EAM Watch Breaking News Iran VS Israel –
Duramax World News Live

TV7 Israel News – Sword of Iron, Israel at War – Day 182 – UPDATE 05.04.24


The Wire – April 5, 2024

The Data Show Israel Is Not Causing a Gazan Famine

World War III Is Now Inevitable – Here’s Why It Can’t Be Avoided

Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn: Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost

Mexican army soldiers work to repair a cut fence on the Mexican side of the border wall – this correlates with what Todd Bensman has been reporting that “runners” are utilizing this area to attempt to cross into the U.S.

Illegal Alien Arrested for ‘Nearly Decapitating’ Wife Just Days After Entering US

Suspected Illegal Alien Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Preteen Girls During Michigan Home Invasion

HAPPENING NOW: Border Patrol choppers honed in on multiple trains arriving from Mexico and agents appeared to pull illegal aliens off/out of train cars and haul them away

Border Patrol apprehended an illegal alien who entered from Juarez moments prior Agents then swarmed our vehicle demanding ID and asking to know why we were there

GOTAWAYS: Two illegals dressed in black scamper across the road and continue into the desert after a brief crouching, pause at the train tracks. This area of the city is well known for more nefarious activity, and these two are trying to avoid detection by authorities

Waste of the Day: Report Shows Major Cities In Debt

Report: Fossil Fuel Lobby Cashes in on Biden’s $7.5 Billion for EV Chargers

California Workers Arrive at Restaurant to Find It Closed Thanks to Newsom’s $20 Minimum Wage

BORDER BADLANDS. Lajitas Texas. Migrant CRISIS.

Are There 1.2 Million New Illegal Voters in Texas? We Have the Facts!

Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Ohio – After SEVEN Prior Deportations

Texas Soldier Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Alien in Official Vehicle

America’s Northern Border Confronts Record-Breaking Migrant Surge

U.S. Republicans are now warning: Migration from Canada is a problem

Espionage: The Blueprints for Total Control With JayDyer

Democratic Machine Tries to Destroy Trump

Biden Campaign Caught Lying About President Trump’s Comments on Immigrants – Forgets to Mention It Was Biden’s Open Borders Policies that Were Responsible for the Michigan Murder

DOJ Seeks Prison Time for Woman Who Found Ashley Biden’s Diary that Revealed Old Joe’s Perverted Acts with His Daughter

Bill Walton Re: Sovereignty; Cultural Marxism; Climate Hoax; National Debt; & Trump ‘24

WHO coming down the home stretch with invasive testing and vaxxing requirements for tourists and others traveling legally across borders

Ed Dowd Identifies Disturbing Problem in Cancer Trends

Rep. Clay Higgins Sounds Alarm: ‘People Recognizing Signs of Potential Demise of Republic’

APOCALYPSE? We’re Almost There. You’ll Know When They Start Arresting Christians

The White House Attack On Christianity Is Increasing!!!

Here Comes World War III: Tony Blinken Announces Ukraine will be Joining NATO – Pushing US Closer to Nuclear War with Russia

“A Hurricane Is Coming, Get Ready” – Whitney Webb


Lee Wheelbarger – Retro Flashback Modern Marvels Episode

ICE Arrests Suspected Fentanyl Trafficker Wanted for Murder in Dominican Republic

WATCH: Haitian Invasion, Texas Soldiers Carrying Empty Rifles, Illegal Alien Crime Wave

Trial Update: Arizona Rancher Charged With Killing Illegal Alien on His Property

Watch: Texas National Guard Soldier Busted for Allegedly Smuggling Illegal in Government Vehicle


Marist Poll: Independents Swing 28 Points Toward Donald Trump in 4 Years

Kirk Explains How Nebraska’s Electoral Change Can Be The Key To President Trump’s 2024 Victory

Live: Trump Exposes Illegal Aliens Registering to Vote in Battleground States for 2024 Election

Democrats Freak Out About Nebraska as Trump Pushes Winner-Take-All System in State

BOOM: Court Victory for Cleaner Elections in Big State!

‘It’s Obvious Joe Will Win!’: Jill Biden Gaslights About Biden Polling Ahead of Trump in Swing States

PEAK CORRUPTION: Jesse Watters Reveals the Multi-Million Dollar Perks Going to Judge Merchan’s Family for Taking Trump to Court in Bogus Hush Money Case (VIDEO)

WATCH: Alex Jones Exposes How Democrats Disrespect & Talk Down To Americans

47,000 Democrat Wisconsinites Vote ‘Uninstructed,’ Double the Margin of Biden’s 2020 Badger State Win

Darren Beattie: Ruling Elites Are Taking The Disinformation Ideological Architecture Scam

Underlying Accounting Activities in DA Bragg Case Are Not Crimes – There Are No Crimes, Not Even Adjusting Entries!

Biden State Department messing with Tucker?

BREAKING: After Draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Lowest Level in 40 Years, Biden CANCELS Plan to Refill it Because Oil is “Way Too Expensive”

US Army and Air Force Call on Retirees to Return to Active Duty Amid Recruiting Shortages

Waste of the Day: Unknown Amount of U.S. Aid to Afghanistan Went to Taliban

Gaza: charities pause aid after airstrike kills aid workers

TV7 Israel News – Sword of Iron, Israel at War – Day 180

Bad News from Belarus. Troops massing at the Boarder. Russians and Wagner are there as well.

Virologist Predicts Imminent ‘Tsunami of Death’ Among COVID Vaccinated

Is Drug Temperance Realistic?

EMERGENCY ALERT! 7.4 Earthquake in Taiwan Tsunami Alert for Japan.

Flightradar 24 Eam Watch Iran has decided “required” response to Israeli , Taiwan Earthquakes

Texas National Guard Retakes Control of El Paso Border – Installs Miles of Razor-Wire and a New Anti-Climb Fence (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: 140K Migrants Apprehended in March Along Southwest Border

MAJOR Border Wall Construction. Del Rio Texas. Migrant CRISIS.

MIGRANT CRISIS. Fort Hancock Port of Entry. Texas. JLR© INVESTIGATES!


Cartel Turf War Breaks Out in Mexico Over “Big Dollar” Migrants

Beyond the Headlines: Border INSANITY: Judge Releases VIOLENT Illegal Aliens Into Country

Joe Biden Flew 90% of Illegals in Secret Flight Program to Florida and Texas (VIDEO)

Bodies of 8 Chinese Migrants Float into Mexican Beach After Boat Capsizes

Channel Crisis: Illegal Boat Migration Up 43 Per Cent in Britain over Last Year

Report: Elderly UK Homeowners Could Be Forced To Sell Homes To House Illegals

Club Of Rome Unveils Plan To Cull Billions From The World Population


BREAKING: Far-Left Judge Juan Merchan EXPANDS Trump Gag Order to Bar Him From Criticizing His Daughter – A Far-Left Political Operative

MSNBC Panel Melts Down Over Trump’s Truth Social Stock: ‘Where’s the SEC?’

Watch: Liberal Flips Support to Trump, Apologizes For Believing MSM ‘Lies’

Jan. 6th Political Prisoners Persecuted For Supporting Trump in 2024, D.C. Journalist Reports

BREAKING: Citizens Groups Suing to Demand Laws Are Enforced Resulting in Honest Elections

Hunter Biden Defeated in Attempt to Throw Out Tax Case

Mass Layoffs Begin at California Fast Food Chains as $20 Minimum Wage Law Takes Effect

Waste of the Day: Feds Paid $1.3 Billion To Dead People Last Year

Oil Prices Hit Highest Level Since 2022

BIGGEST Customer Data BREACH… They’re Not EVEN Sorry

‘SORRY, NOT SORRY’ — Biden Gives Middle Finger to CHRISTIANS After MOCKING Jesus on Easter | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

Compassionately Communicating Life

NO LAW. NO ORDER: Biden Frees Border Rioters

Muckraker Joins Jesse Watters to Discuss New York’s Illegal Alien Compounds

Muckraker Joins Alex Jones Live In Studio to Discuss Child Trafficking and More

Muckraker Exposes Charity Selling Fraudulent Documents To Illegal Aliens

How things have changed at US-Canada border since closure of Roxham Road

Illegal immigration at Canadian border has northern lawmakers on high alert

Watch: Denver Official Caught on Tape Begging Illegals to Leave The City

BROKEN BORDER WALL. Fort Hancock Texas.

NO WALL. Esperanza Texas. Migrant CRISIS.

Islamic State: Fresh Wave of Terror Attacks Coming to Europe

Waste of the Day: California Schools Pay Students To Educate Teachers About Racism

Exclusive — Trump Camp: Biden Must Apologize to Christians After Declaring Easter Sunday ‘Trans Day,’ Banning Kids from Religious Egg Designs at WH

JUST IN…President Trump: “I currently have almost $500 Million in CASH” For Bail….Liberal Heads Are About to Explode

HUGE Trump Court Victory – More Battles Ahead!

MAGA Beauty Isabella DeLuca’s Arrest Is Proof Positive That Biden’s Weaponized Justice System Has Become Outright Despotic Against Political Dissidents

Netanyahu Approves ‘Operational Plan’ to Attack Rafah in Gaza

US Congressman Calls For ‘Hiroshima And Nagasaki’ Solution in Gaza And Ukraine

The Case for Trump’s Foreign Policy Leadership

Commercial Real Estate Poised For Collapse! w/ Paul Stone

The Fed Is Stringing Us Along On Interest Rates! w/ Paul Stone


Happy Easter: Democrats Double Down on ‘Transgender Visibility Day’

White House Responds to Christian and GOP Backlash Over ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ Proclamation — Does Not Apologize

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Condemns Biden’s Proclamation of March 31 as ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 16

Biden Issues White House Proclamation Declaring EASTER to be ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

REPORT: FBI Agents Captured on Video During Home Visit Admit They Spend ‘Every Day, All Day Long’ Interrogating Americans About Their Social Media Posts

YouTube Says It Has a ‘Responsibility’ To Manipulate Algorithms Leading Up to 2024 Election

Massive Data Breach: AT&T Confirms Personal Information Including Social Security Numbers of 73 Million Current and Former Customers Leaked on Dark Web

Border Patrol Catches Previously-Deported Murderer Back In US

9 Brits Apprehended Illegally Crossing Canadian Border into Vermont




Russian Warships Enter The Red Sea!!!

DoD Must Account for Extreme Weather Events

‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Bans Christian-Themed Designs From White House Easter Art Contest

Trump Campaign Blasts Biden’s “Blasphemous” Proclamation Declaring Easter Sunday Transgender Day of Visibility

Sen. Tuberville on Joe Biden’s Easter Blasphemy: “Democrats Are a Satanic Cult”

Venezuelan TikToker Who Went Viral Telling Illegal Aliens to ‘Invade’ US Homes Arrested by ICE

Chinese Illegal Alien Arrested After Trespassing on Military Base in California

Chinese Man Who Illegally Crossed Border Gets 12 Years in Prison for Possessing Child Porn Videos

Wild Video: Smuggler, Illegals Bail Out on Busy Texas Highway During Dangerous Pursuit

Illegal Alien Arrested for Home Burglary in Upstate New York

WATCH: Boatload of Illegals Storm California Beach

Joe Biden Breaks Public Support for ‘Skilled’ Migration

Elon Musk Accuses Democrats of ‘Importing Voters’

Democrats Push Bill to Prevent Trump Receiving Pre-Election Security Briefings

FBI Harasses Woman For Facebook Posts As Biden Admin Cooperates With Big Tech To Find Out What Americans Watch Online

Biden’s $25 Million Fundraiser DISRUPTED By Pro-Palestinian Protesters!

Waste of the Day: New York Will Multiply Campaign Donations Up To 12 Times

Photo of NYC Skyline on Good Friday 1956 Shows How Much the US Has Changed

Learn Why The Globalists Are Killing Their Own Monetary System

Lara Logan Provides Comprehensive Baltimore Update: Experts in Behavioral Analytics, Counter-Terrorism, and National Security Analyze Recent Incident

BREAKING: Engineered Famine Accelerates Worldwide As Small Farms And Ranches Forced To Shut Down

Federal Judge Threatens to Punish Imprisoned J6ers by Adding Enhancements to Remaining Convictions if SCOTUS Reverses ‘Obstruction’ Statute


CBS Claims Mexico’s Border Policies Shape America’s Future – It Shouldn’t Be This Way

It Begins… US’ Illegal Immigrant Crisis: 800000 Migrants Preparing to Enter Biggest Cities of USA!

CBP Arrest Mexican Citizen Carrying Child Porn at Texas Port of Entry

Illegal Alien Arrested for Home Burglary in Upstate New York

News at Noon with Lee Wheelbarger. RUSSIA,WW3 Emergency Public Service message

Deep-fake videos are now popping up on the internet, and this will ultimately lead to mandated biometric digital ID for all internet users


Robert Greenway on U.S. Military Strength and Readiness

Preparing for World War III: The Home Front

The Many Ways a Porous Border Means Crime Without Boundaries

Venezuelan Migrant Who Instructs Illegal Aliens on How to Invade American Homes and Invoke Squatter’s Rights is Now a Fugitive

Illegal Alien Arrested for Raping “Mentally Incapacitated” 14-Year-Old Girl in Alabama

Border Patrol LIFTED Razor Wire at Rio Grande for Hundreds of Illegals

We watched this coyote deliver a group of 10 illegals to a gap in the border barrier at the Mariposa Slab near Nogales, AZ He took pictures of them and our team before speeding away on motorcycle

ON THE INSIDE: CISA Official Admits on Hidden Cam “Trump Was Right”

Waste of the Day: Houston DPW Chief Buys Gold Coins Bearing Her Name

“Prosecuting Trump Will Cost You The Election!” – GOP Pollster To Dems

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 15

Lara Logan on Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: “Everyone Knows… This Is a Cyber Attack on a Critical Infrastructure Corridor in the United States”

Key American Supply Chain Infrastructure Attacked?

CDC Admits Natural Immunity Offers Better Protection Than Experimental Covid Jabs

Dr. Richard Fleming warns the “vaccine is the bioweapon” in bombshell interview with Mike Adams

Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells

Read PDF Report Link

STUDY: PhDs are more “vaccine hesitant” than anyone else

Second Holocaust? CDC “Green Zone” covid camps have no plans to allow healthy people to leave

​​Whistleblower: I’ve seen more people die from COVID-19 vaccine than virus

​​Former Pfizer VP Latest Message On Covid Vaccines – Everyone Must Listen!

Feds declare anti-vaxxers are “terrorists,” unveil 90-day plan to wage false flag violence and blame it on “anti-lockdown extremist

Top 10 BIGGEST LIES about Covid-19

You’ll Refuse the Covid Jab After You Hear What These Doctors Have to Say

Welcome to 1938: First, they came for the unvaccinated

Graphene oxide used in coronavirus vaccines linked to adverse events, even death


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