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On This Episode we will be continuing with Part 2 in the series of podcasts entitled, PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Take Over and Covid”

Gripping Video Documentary Series” PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Takeover”, Covering In Detail The True Globalist Plans To Grab Every Area Of Our Lives And Changing It To A Global Slave Technocracy, Using Covid 19 As The Catalyst To Insure Success.

On This Pulse News Podcast. The Navarro Report “The Immaculate Deception” Of Election Irregularities.


CDC Admits Natural Immunity Offers Better Protection Than Experimental Covid Jabs

Dr. Richard Fleming warns the “vaccine is the bioweapon” in bombshell interview with Mike Adams

Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells

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STUDY: PhDs are more “vaccine hesitant” than anyone else

Second Holocaust? CDC “Green Zone” covid camps have no plans to allow healthy people to leave

​​Whistleblower: I’ve seen more people die from COVID-19 vaccine than virus

​​Former Pfizer VP Latest Message On Covid Vaccines – Everyone Must Listen!

Feds declare anti-vaxxers are “terrorists,” unveil 90-day plan to wage false flag violence and blame it on “anti-lockdown extremist

Top 10 BIGGEST LIES about Covid-19

You’ll Refuse the Covid Jab After You Hear What These Doctors Have to Say

Welcome to 1938: First, they came for the unvaccinated

Graphene oxide used in coronavirus vaccines linked to adverse events, even death